Kimberly Gallagher - Dental Hygienist & Mother

" Bo wrote me a 30 day diet and workout plan. I already work out and eat healthy but needed something to achieve my goal of getting leaner. His plan was super easy to follow. I used his meal plan on Pinterest to mix up my meal recipes. The workout was great! Simple weight lifting plan along with HIIT. Definitely a game changer. He’s a good motivator and coach. I highly recommend him for your 2018 goals because #boreallyknows "

Heather Mims - Former Miss Mount Pleasant Contestant, Marketing Extraordinaire, & Mother of 3

"Bo Taylor is absolutely AMAZING. I have trained with numerous trainers over the years and Bo is the best of the best. Working out with Bo is so much fun. Plus, you will see results with him. If you are looking to lose some pounds or just want to tone up, go to Bo. I seriously cannot recommend him enough! I have the best body that I have ever had because of him. He makes working out something that I actually look forward to doing!"

Amy Lutz - Former Local News Anchor

"Bo saved my life.  Not only did he help me lose 20 lbs, he kept me positive and smiling the entire time!  I started working with him in 2008 and his persistence kept me focused and committed to my goal. 

The expertise and guidance he’s given me, even after I moved away, has been invaluable.  I'm so grateful he came into my life when he did, and I have kept what he taught me near and dear to my heart!!!"

Katie Vance Lucas - Minister, Second Baptist Church

“After having Bo as my trainer for combo online and in person training sessions I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to work with him! Bo’s experience, knowledge and unmatched enthusiasm come together to create a fitness and nutrition program that’s transformational. His personalized plans are hard work but easy to follow and incorporate into daily life. Bo motivated me to be a better version of myself and boosted my self-confidence both in and out of the gym. Working with Bo taught me that hard work and dedication, along with a trainer who won’t give up on you or your goals will get you the results you’re after and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m so thankful for Bo and his continued motivation and guidance!”