Why I Decided to Train for a Show

Why I Decided to Train for a Show

Some of you may or may not have seen via social media which I posted ranges of dates, talking about the Palmetto Classic bodybuilding show.  You may think, “Bo, that’s only a few weeks away and I’ve seen what you look like…” and others may think, “Bo, that’s SOOO far away. Why would you even post anything.”

What’s that Date?

1. If you think it’s too close, you are right. I am planning on competing in the 2019 Palmetto Classic.

2. It is technically a little over a year away. I will officially start diet & training April 30th. This is to give me PLENTY of time to gain strength & put on the necessary size I need so when I do shred down, I won’t look tiny.

Can It Be Done?

Some of you will doubt whether I will even do this. “Bo won’t even get through the first couple weeks before he quits.”  Well, you could be right but, I’m not sitting on the couch doing nothing. I’ve said since I did my last show in 2009 that I would do “one more show” however, I never thought I would wait this long. There will be a big difference between being 36 years old and being 46 years old, by the time the show comes around. 

Although, I will be 10 years older, I am 10 years wiser. I know some of you think this is unhealthy.  With my years of experience in the field, my years of training different folks, as well as an awesome group of colleagues I have to fall back on to ask questions as well as someone who will be coaching me through all of this (yet to be determined) I plan on being as safe and healthy as possible.

Perfect Timing

Also, I think this is perfect timing with doing more online personal training, more YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc! You may get tired of me and block me, unsubscribe, or whatever. You may also see how hard I work, how much I do, and get motivated to do something yourself.  Certainly not to step on stage but, maybe just to get off the couch and live a healthier life or maybe, just maybe, you will want to do something phenomenal yourself.

The goal for me is to set goals so high I can’t achieve them, so I may grow into the person who can!

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